Our mission as College Park Physical Educators shall be to promote the enrichment, understanding, and appreciation of lifelong physical activity.  We strive to provide a fun, healthy, and safe environment where students are introduced to a variety of activities and games, while existing student skills and abilities are enhanced and reinforced.  We hope to instill the desire for self improvement, scholastic excellence, and the cultivation of civic responsibility.  Students should depart from their physical education experience at College Park, most importantly having enjoyed themselves.  In the process they should have gained knowledge of our curriculum, acquired self esteem, established healthy lifestyle habits, and learned the value of hard work.

Physical Education Staff





Joe Bautista    Bautistaj@mdusd.org 

BS-Physical Education, CSU Sacramento 1997

Single Subject Teaching Credential, Chapman University-Physical Education, Life Sciences 1999

MDUSD since 1998   Subjects:  PE 9/10, Weights

Football Coach

Egoscue Method PAS1, PAS1 certification


Favorite Quote- “Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you made the effort to become the best you are capable of becoming.”



Jeanne Disney     Disneyj@mdusd.org 

BA-Dance, University Washington 1992; BA-English, Metro State College Denver; MSA-Dance, Mills College Oakland

Single Subject Teaching Credential, Metro State College Denver-English, Dance

MDUSD since 1999    Subjects:   PE 9/10, Dance, English

Core Member Of the Deep Root Dance Collective, Choreographic Director for Opera Dance Co.


Favorite Quote- “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”-Mark Twain





Russell Joe      Joer@mdusd.org 

BA-Kinesiology, CSU Long Beach 2004

Single Subject Teaching Credential, CSU Long Beach-Kinesiology & Physical Education 2006

MDUSD since 2006   Subjects:  PE 9/10

Varsity Golf Coach


Favorite Quote- “Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out if they’ve got a second.  Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”





Sandy Jones    Jonessw@mdusd.org 

BA-Business Administration, University of Puget Sound 1984

Teaching Credential and Masters, National University-Education 1992

MDUSD since 1992  Subjects:  PE 9/10

Boys Soccer Coach


Favorite Quote-  “If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it.”





Jim Keck        Keckj@mdusd.org 

BA-Biological Sciences, University of California-Davis 1994

Single Subject Teaching Credential, Chapman University-Life Sciences, Physical Education, Art 1996

MDUSD since 1995  Subjects: Weights, Sports Leadership, LINK CREW

Head Varsity Wrestling Coach 1996-2012

North Coast Section Honor Coach of the Year 2005, 2X Contra Costa Times Coach of the Year 2006 & 2007


Favorite Quote- “Life is a contact sport…You will get knocked down.  What is important is that you have the fortitude to get back up.”





Melissa Ridings      Ridingsmm@mdusd.org 

BA-English, St. Mary’s College 2002

Single Subject Teaching Credential, St. Mary’s College-English, PE(supplemental) 2003

MDUSD since 2009    Subjects:  PE 9/10, LINK CREW

Member of the Assistance League of Diablo Valley and Walnut Creek Masters Swim Team


Favorite Quote- “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of all human blessings.” -Hippocrates





Scott Wood     Woods@mdusd.org 

BA-Communications, St. Mary’s College 1992

Single Subject Teaching Credential, St. Mary’s College-PE 2001

MDUSD since 2001   Subjects: PE 9, Weights, ASB Leadership

PE Curriculum Associate

Member CAPHERD, Former Quarterback San Jose Sabercats (Arena Football League Champions 2002, 2004)


Favorite Quote- “Failure is not the worst thing in the world.  The very worst is not to try.”





Lance Hurtado     hurtadol@mdusd.org

BA-Sociology, San Diego State1999

Single Subject Teaching Credential and Masters, University of Pheonix-Education 2007

MDUSD since 2008   Subjects: PE 10, Work Experience

College Park Athletic Director


Favorite Quote- “Strength does not come from physical capacity.  It comes from an indomitable will.”


Important Information and Links



Physical Education is a participation-based class, and regular attendance is critical for success.  If a student is unable to participate in physical education for a medical or legally excused reason, the teacher must have a note from their parent or guardian.  After one week (three class sessions) with a parent note, a doctor’s note will be required.  Students must dress in PE attire for make up work to be an option.   If a student misses class for any excused absence/ medical, written make up work will be assigned.  If a student is going to be absent for a prolonged period of time and knows about it in advance, he or she should contact the teacher to receive work to complete while absent. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain makeup work.  Make up work must be turned in within two weeks of students return to class.  As always, UNEXCUSED/ TRUANT ABSENCES and NON-PARTICIPATION WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE DAY AND NO MAKE UP WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!!  Students must use the College Park make-up work form which can be obtained from the link below or their PE teacher.



Website for Physical Education Articles (If using web articles from the archives link below, please pick an article that is at least three pages in length.  Articles must be printed out and attached to a two page, hand written summary.   Students are responsible for one article per excused day missed.) 

*  Nutrition Action Health Letter

*  Make-up Work Form



All physical education students are given a copy of the College Park Physical Education course syllabus.  The syllabus is reviewed in class then sent home with the students for parental review.  We ask all students to return the syllabus with a Parent/Guardian signature and emergency contact information.  There is an area on the back for parents to note any medical conditions, medications, or physical conditions of our students that the teachers should be aware of that could affect the students ability to participate in Physical Education. 


*  PE 9/PE 10 Course Syllabus


*  Weights Course Syllabus


*  Bowling Syllabus



The State Board of Education (SBE) designated the FITNESSGRAM® as the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) for students in California public schools. The FITNESSGRAM® is a comprehensive, health-related physical fitness battery developed by The Cooper Institute. The primary goal of the FITNESSGRAM® is to assist students in establishing lifetime habits of regular physical activity.  In January of 2008, Califorina State Senate Bill 601 tied student performance on the PFT during the 9th grade to 10th grade PE requirements.  In short, a student must pass 5 of 6 PFT’s within the designated Healty Fitness Zone (HFZ), or will be required to take their second year of Physical Education during the 10th grade.  For a more complete description of the PFT please see the links below.


*  California Department of Education (PFT)


*  FITNESSGRAM Healty Fitnes Zones


*  BMI Calculator


The Physical Fitness Test will be administered in late February/March and results will be made available to students and parents.